Review of XHTML+RDFa 1.1 ( (Knud)

Hi all,

here is my review of the current version of XHTML-RDFa 1.1. I didn't spot any deep problems, most of my comments are editorial or requests for clarification. Here we go:

Section "Status of This Document"

- "This" in the header should probably be lowercase?
- "5. Remove the collection of TERMs from this document - instead deferring the definitions in a default RDFa Profile document." - does this refer to Sect. 9.3. "@rel/@rev attribute values" in RDFA-SYNTAX? If so, then these are now defined in - but that is not the default RDFa Profile document, isn't it? If not, then which terms does this sentence refer to?

Section 2.1:

- criterion 1: "The document must conform to the constraints expressed in the schemas in Appendix A ... and Appendix B ..." - this is very nitpicky, but shouldn't this read "either Appendix A ... or Appendix B", depending on whether you want to use DTD or XML Schema to validate?
- what is the significance of the two examples? The first one seems superfluous.

Section 3:

- the references to "6.5" are wrong. I assume this is intended to reference 7.5 in RDFA-CORE?
- in the last two bullet points, it is unclear to me what exactly "resource attribute" refers to. Not @resource, I guess? My interpretation is that it means "if no URI is provided by any of {@about, @src, @resource, @href}". Note that the same confusing text is also used in RDFA-CORE. This should be expressed more clearly.

Section 5:

- I'm a little confused regarding the situation of @profile:
 - RDFA-CORE lists @profile as one of the RDFa attributes.
 - RDFA-CORE says: "The attributes defined in this specification must be included in the content model of the Host Language."
 - @profile is not included in the Metainformation Attributes Module in Sect. 5
 - @profile is not defined in either XHTML+RDFa XML Schema nor DTD
 - @profile is also not defined in the XHTML1.1 Schema or DTD, if I'm not mistaken
 - so how does the content model of XHTML+RDFa 1.1 include @profile?


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