Re: parse() and media types

Hi all,

> I was wondering if we might use:
Sounds like a good thing to do, if the list can be extended to contain
along the already present

With regards to MIME types and file extensions for common RDF
serializations, those, as far as I can tell from the various specs or
spec-like documents, are meant to be as follows (where sometimes
common practice differs):

RDF/XML: application/rdf+xml (*.rdf)
Turtle: text/turtle (*.ttl)
N3: text/n3 (*.n3)
NTriples: text/plain (*.nt)

This list, as Nathan points out, leaves out embedded RDF/semantics
like RDFa, micro{data|formats}.

I think using an extended list based on
is a good solution. Plus a name change to the API ;-)


Thomas Steiner, Research Scientist, Google Inc.,

Received on Sunday, 24 October 2010 01:22:25 UTC