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>   Sorry for the confusion earlier.  There is an updated editor's
> draft at

2.2: the profile example is wrong dc/dcterms.

3.3-3.6, 7.3, 8.1-8.2: the URIs for Albert Einstein, the German Empire,
the United States, etc should not start with <>
but <>.

3.10: mentions @src in the same breath as @resource and @href, whereas
@src actually behaves more like @about.

6: "An RDFa Processor must not use the XML 'default namespace' as the
'default prefix'." -- perhaps needs rephrasing, as is suggests that
something like this is illegal:

    <g xmlns="" vocab="">

8: Most of these examples are missing prefix mappings. For little
snippets which don't purport to be full documents, that's fine. For the
longer ones which include entire <html> elements, at least an @profile
should be there. A lot of problems here. "It does not help to escape the
content, since the output would simply be a string of text containing
numerous ampersands" is simply nonsense. The following:

	<html property=":foo" content="&lt;bar&gt;" />

is parsed as:

	<> :foo "<bar>" . 

The phrase "To make authoring easier, if there are child elements and
no @datatype attribute, then the effect is the same as if @datatype
have been explicitly set to rdf:XMLLiteral" is no longer true. That
phrase and the following couple of examples with their explanations
need removing/revising.

Toby A Inkster

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