Re: Very early alpha state pure JavaScript implementation of the RDFa API draft spec released

Dear Manu,

> Fantastic work, Thomas!
Thanks :-)

> However, as we can see - it's valid XHTML+RDFa 1.0:
Fair enough. The extension throws an error in line 136. Seems like my
type checking needs some improvement love. Will check soon (the
extension auto-updates, so no worries with that [this auto-update
feature and the easy install process you mentioned: all credits to our
Chromium team]).

> It's a bit invasive to have an iframe tacked into the page and no way to
> remove it. It would be nice if I could click the RDFa icon in the URL
> bar and remove the iframe if needed. Or perhaps, have the default mode
> show the RDF icon if RDFa is detected on the page, but only insert the
> iframe when the RDF icon is clicked. Of course, making this feature
> user-editable would be nice as well.
All good feedback. This is a 0.0.1 release, so quite some room for
improvements. I chose the iframe in order to have a clean CSS
environment, where as few as possible from the main page's CSS would
influence my triples box. The iframe will behave somewhat less
intrusive in future releases, I promise (and was already annoyed
myself by the current behavior). Again, this is a "release early,
release often" attitude here :-)

> Those issues are minor, the important thing is that you've done a great
> job with a preliminary implementation of the RDFa API and with a nice
> interface to see triples in a page using Google Chrome. Great work!
Thanks again :-)


Thomas Steiner, Research Scientist, Google Inc.,

Received on Tuesday, 12 October 2010 15:27:49 UTC