Re: Very early alpha state pure JavaScript implementation of the RDFa API draft spec released

On 10/12/10 10:05, Thomas Steiner wrote:
> As a follow-up action to the RDFa Creative Commons Laser Highlighter
> extension announced in my prior email, I'm happy to release yet
> another Chrome / Chromium extension around the RDFa API spec draft

Fantastic work, Thomas!

Some preliminary feedback:

It was very easy to install and use the plugin! I checked a few pages
and sure enough, the triples that should have shown up do show up.

I was not able to view triples on the following page:

However, as we can see - it's valid XHTML+RDFa 1.0:

It's a bit invasive to have an iframe tacked into the page and no way to
remove it. It would be nice if I could click the RDFa icon in the URL
bar and remove the iframe if needed. Or perhaps, have the default mode
show the RDF icon if RDFa is detected on the page, but only insert the
iframe when the RDF icon is clicked. Of course, making this feature
user-editable would be nice as well.

Those issues are minor, the important thing is that you've done a great
job with a preliminary implementation of the RDFa API and with a nice
interface to see triples in a page using Google Chrome. Great work!

-- manu

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Received on Tuesday, 12 October 2010 15:02:34 UTC