Re: prefix case-insensitivity

  Your interpretation is more or less correct.  This is defined, among 
other places, in RDFa Core Section 7.5 step 4:
> Mappings are defined via @prefix 
> <>. For 
> backward compatibility, some Host Languages /may/ also permit the 
> definition of mappings via @xmlns 
> <>. In this 
> case, the value to be mapped is set by the XML namespace prefix, and 
> the value to map is the value of the attribute --- a URI. Regardless 
> of how the mapping is declared, the value to be mapped /must/ be 
> converted to lower case, and the URI is not processed in any way; in 
> particular if it is a relative path it /must not/ be resolved against 
> the current base 
> <>. Authors 
> /should not/ use relative paths as the URI. 

So - it is not that it is case insensitive, so much as that we require 
it be mapped to lower case in RDFa Core.  RDFa API could do this, or it 
could require a case-insensitive comparison.  It woulnd't matter to me 
(nor to the result).

On 10/9/2010 11:35 AM, Nathan wrote:
> Hi All,
> Apologies for raising this now, but it was on my to do list to clarify 
> with the group whether CURIE prefixes should be resolved in a 
> case-insensitive manner - and to use a specific example should 
> XSD:decimal and xsd:decimal both resolve to 
> <>
> Using the XSD example specifically because if it's true for this then 
> it must be true for any other prefix.
> PS: this is my understanding, that it is case insensitive - and Shane 
> indicated the same to me, just wanted to 100% clarify so I can cater 
> for it in the RDFa API and ensure this is stated in RDFa Core (if not 
> already).
> Best,
> Nathan

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