PROPOSAL to close ISSUE-39: RDFa term mapping triples

If there are no objections to this proposal in 7 days, we will close
ISSUE-39: rdfa term mapping triples.

There was discussion related to the proposal from Richard Cyganiak
concerning the simplification of the RDFa Profiles term and prefix
expression mechanism on the telecon a few weeks ago:

The discussion mainly revolved around how to best model the expression
of prefixes and terms. The group has found that while Richard's proposal
does ease RDFa Profile authoring, it simultaneously raises concerns that
the mappings are not being modeled in a way that is acceptable by the
broader semantic web community.

This point has resulted in the RDFa WG proposing that the mapping
mechanism should remain as two separate triples, rdfa:prefix/rdfa:term
and rdfa:uri, that describe strings instead of one triple that is
associated with the vocabulary term. While the mechanism is a bit more
complicated, it does not risk polluting the modeling data for the
vocabulary term. In other words, it keeps a strict separation between
CURIE processing instructions and vocabulary term expression.

Please comment in 7 days from this post if you object to this proposal.
If there are no objections within 7 days, ISSUE-39 will be closed.

-- manu

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Received on Sunday, 3 October 2010 16:32:23 UTC