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editorial review of TriG

From: Sandro Hawke <sandro@w3.org>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2013 23:21:52 -0400
Message-ID: <52367950.8090906@w3.org>
To: RDF WG <public-rdf-wg@w3.org>
Here are the editorial issues I found in the current TriG editor's draft

None seems serious, and hopefully all can be fixed before publication.

I have a few larger questions which I'll send separately, and I'm going 
to try to do an implementation to check the grammar and test suite.

     -- Sandro

    Status of This Document

We should include a statement here to the effect that we might skip CR, 
and pointing folks at the test suite, implementation report, etc.  For 
example see the red box in the Status section of 

We can do this by hand during publication if respec somehow makes it hard.

    2. An Introduction to TriG

    The IRI or blank node label of the graph statement may be used in
    another graph statement which implies taking the union of the tripes
    generated by each graph statement.

That's a pretty confusing sentence for me, and I know what it's trying 
to say.   Plus, if we're being pedantic, the grammar also allows 
blankNodePropertyLists and Collections to be used as graph names.    
Maybe go up a level and just say a trig file is the same as turtle, 
except there are additional graph statements, each of which pairs a term 
(which is evaluated to form a graph name) and a graph in { }.    Or 
something like that.

      2.1 Graph Statements

    The graph name of a graph statement may be omitted.

That sounds confusingly like one could say "GRAPH { ... }". Maybe we can 
change things to not call default graph triples "graph statements"?

    A RDF Dataset may contain only a single graph.

Could be read as saying a dataset is only allowed to contain one 
graph.   Perhaps change to, "A simple RDF Dataset might contain only a 
single graph statement".

      4.4 Escape Sequences

In the table, the heading "Strings" should probably be a link like the 
heading local_names

    5. Parsing

    This section maps a string conforming to the grammar in section Not
    found 'sec-grammar-grammar'
    to a set of triples by

typo in section name, I assume

      5.1 Parser State

I love the idea of linking to tests here, but alas, none of those links 
are working.  I guess the links were copied from turtle as relative 
links.  (Which is ironic, since the first tests are for @base.)

    When undefines, triples are detined for the default graph.

typo in "undefines" and "detined"

I'm not seeing any text about what this is supposed to generate:

    PREFIX : <http://a.example.org/>
    PREFIX : <http://b.example.org/>
    :c :c :c.

Actually, looking in the Turtle spec, I don't see anything like that 
there, either.

      5.3 RDF Triples Construction

has some @@'s!

        5.3.1 Output Graph

I find the use of "unset" and "undefined" a little unsettling.   I think 
it would be clearer to have a special value for the default graph.  But 

    The rule labelOrSubject
    sets both |curGraph|. and |curSubject|

extra period

      5.4 Differences from Previous TriG

    This section describes the main differences between TriG, as defined
    in this ddcument, and the

Typo 'ddcument' and the sentence just ends in the middle.

      5.5 Internet Media Type, File Extension and Macintosh File Type

I'd suggest just calling this Media Type Registration

    This information that follows has been submitted to the IESG
    for review, approval, and registration with IANA.

that's for Turtle.   Instead for TriG say it will be submitted.

In Security considerations, the formatting is weird -- there should be 
blank lines between paragraphs, I guess.  And there are still a few 
references to turtle that should be trig.

In Base URI, I'd say "The TriG base directive can change...." so that it 
glosses over BASE vs @base.

That's it!
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