Language tags as values - document consequences (Concepts and MT)

I think the consequences for treating language tags as values or as 
lower case string in the value space are:

1/ Remove ", and must be normalized to lowercase."

2/ Put in, after 5.1, a datatype description for rdf:langString.

I think this should go in anyway so that concepts has more on 

3/ Add rdf:langString as a to section 5.4 as recognized Datatype IRI.

4/ Remove requirement for rdf:langString.

MT currently says that RDF processors "MUST recognize rdf:langString and 

Instead, RDF processors are not required to recognize any datatype IRIs.

This licenses current systems.

Recognizing xs:string is about bad characters in the lexical form.  This 
isn't what all systems do for, say, control characters.

Received on Friday, 10 May 2013 13:18:49 UTC