Re: PROPOSAL: Publish N-Triples LCWD

On 12/08/13 01:31, Gavin Carothers wrote:
> Publish N-Triples as a Last Call Working Draft
> Last Call Period to end 14 October 2013

We've discussed this before and IIRC we were going to not force 
whitespace between S/P and P/O to better align with Turtle.

[2] triple ::= WS* subject WS+ predicate WS+ object WS* '.' WS*
[2] triple ::= WS* subject WS* predicate WS* object WS* '.' WS*

This is not the canonical N-Triple form, where exactly one space is 
required, nor is it to encourage less readability.  It is to maximise 
the relationship to Turtle where the same triple syntax does not mandate 
at least one whitespace character.

In favour of required WS, it does make splitting with text tools a 
little easier.  The fact that the property must be a <>-URI does mean 
it's still easy to split without required whitespace.


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