Re: modest proposal for entailment

Wasn't the proposal made in the telecon good enough?
For me, this proposal is the absolute minimal requirement that I have.

The way I imagined this being explained in the spec is approximately as 

The Working Group is not providing a formal semantics for RDF Datasets, 
but agrees that the notion of entailment must satisfy the following 
  a dataset (DG,NGs) dataset-entails a dataset (DG',NGs') if:
   - DG entails DG';
   - for all <n,g'> in NGs', there is a pair <n,g> in NGs such that g 
entails g'.
See [NOTE] for examples of formal semantics that satisfy this.

Then we write a WG note to provide possible formal definitions of 
dataset semantics.

Le 28/09/2012 01:19, Pat Hayes a écrit :
> As promised at the telecon, an outline of the even more minimal
> proposal. Rather than attempt to define entailment for an entire
> dataset (which, however we do it, will involve some decisions about
> the semantic relationships between the various graphs), we can retain
> one key aspect of Antoine's idea by defining a named graph
> entailment, which is extremely simple:
> <N, G> name-entails <N', G'> just when N=N' and G entails G'.
> This extends to any entailment regime, eg we can distinguish
> name-RDFS-entailment and name-OWL-entailment, etc., in the obvious
> way, for any entailment regime on RDF graphs.
> This has the merit of providing the 'preserve the context' notion of
> entailment that Antoine has pointed out is useful in some use cases
> of datasets, and it allows people to define relationships between
> datasets (including the "minimal" entailment patterns) in terms of
> either graph or named-graph entailments between the various graphs in
> the dataset. And this can be done in the revision of the RDF
> semantics document in a few paragraphs, without impacting existing
> ideas at all. So unless there are any serious objections, I propose
> to define this in the revision of the RDF Semantics.
> Pat
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