Re: naming dataset syntax

On 9/26/12 7:46 PM, Ivan Herman wrote:
>> Could we not simply have two different versions of Turtle with a way for programs to differentiate the two so that we can still only talk about Turtle?
> I am absolutely with you on this, Arnaud. I would vastly prefer to refer basically to one language, called Turtle. For pragmatic reasons (deployed code, etc) we would have to have the basic Turtle, ie one without datasets, and another variant that include datasets (and we already know that we may have to have different media types), but they should not be named and presented as fundamentally different. I know that C vs. C++ is a dangerous analogy (C++ being vastly more complex than C) but, nevertheless, I would prefer to talk about, say, Turtle++ rather than TriG. (We can have nice discussions on how to name that stuff, I think somebody came up with SuperTurtle:-)
> Ivan
+1 .



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