Re: Sharing bnodes

Hi Antoine,

On 5 Sep 2012, at 17:52, Antoine Zimmermann wrote:
> How would you handle this if bnodes cannot be shared?  It's possible to use skolemisation,


> but what if you want to share the dataset with other people, writing it down in Trig?  Skolem IRIs are not supposed to be exposed outside the application, right?

No, that's wrong.

Systems that want Skolem IRIs to be recognizable outside of the system boundaries should use a well-known IRI [WELL-KNOWN] with the registered name genid.

> Perhaps there could be an indicator that bnodes are shared across graphs?
> @bnode-id-scope graph|dataset

I don't like it. Very few people will understand what that means or why it matters, so it will often be set the wrong way.


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