Re: one more comment on STRING_LITERAL2 Re: review comments of N-Triples in the Turtle document

On 20/03/12 20:34, Zhe Wu wrote:
> My question is the same though. Even with your proposed change,

I was merely pointing out the issue of writing BNF.

> we will
> still
> allow a single quote to be used as is in a literal, right?  According to
> the definition
> of ECHAR, we also allow \'

Yes - as per your review:

Zhe wrote:
> - For some specific characters (within ASCII range), [REF1] uses the following encoding:
>   \t   \n   \r   \"   \\
>    The new grammar seems to cover more. In particular,  \b  \f  \'  are added.
>    A consequence of this change is that a previously illegal syntax, like the
>    triple below, is now legal.
>    <urn:s> <> "aa\'b" .
>   It is important to have some text clearly explaining this new behavior.

to which Gavin wrote:

 > Sure.


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