Re: review comments of N-Triples in the Turtle document

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 11:05 AM, Zhe Wu <> wrote:
> Hi Gavin,
> Please see my comments inline.
>>> - Replace
>>>          "N-Triples may also be provided as text/plain. When used in this
>>> way N-Triples must
>>>          use the escaped form of any character outside US-ASCII"
>>>   with
>>>          "When encoded using US-ASCII as specified in section 3 [REF1],
>>> N-Triples should
>>>           be provided as text/plain."
>> This isn't exactly true. There is nothing wrong with encoding an
>> N-Triples file using US-ASCII and serving as application/ntriples. The
>> relationship goes the other direction. If you want to provide
>> text/plain N-Triples you MUST use US-ASCII. If you want to provide
>> US-ASCII you can use either text/plain, text/turtle, or
>> application/ntriples.
> I guess my question really is what do we gain from encoding using US-ASCII
> and serving
> as application/ntriples?

The same bytes can served as application/ntriples, text/turtle, and
text/plain and have exactly the same meaning. This is a good thing,
UTF-8 is awesome like that.

>>> - Add the following to the end of "See N-Triples Media Type for the media
>>> type registration form."
>>>   For maximum backward compatibility, users or applications may want to
>>> choose US-ASCII
>>>   encoding to serialize N-Triples.
>> I don't think we should recommend providing any format in US-ASCII over
>> UTF-8.
> I don't think that sentence truly recommends US-ASCII over UTF-8.  It is
> important, in my opinion,
> for us to point out non-trivial consequences caused by the changes we
> propose.
> Assume a user serializes using UTF-8 encoding for non ASCII characters and
> the
> new \ encoding for ', \b, and \f. Such a serialization will not work
> with some of the existing tools, rapper 2-1.9.0 for example.
> The proposed new sentence simply makes clear one important consequence.

Okay, I think I agree not sure on the exact phrasing but expanding the
differences section seems like a good idea.

Thanks very much for the feedback, I'll see if I can get some or all
of it in to the document before the next meeting.


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