on Gavin's proposal concerning NTriples mimetype

In the telecon Gavin made the following proposal

PROPOSAL N-Triple has content type 'application/ntriples' and uses the 
content type parameter charset with allowed values of utf-8 or ascii

My understanding was that Souri's "+1 to Zhe's -1" indicated that this 
matter might raise a formal objection.

For other reasons this morning I had to track down the Oracle 
documentation for their RDF support, and I glanced at the N-Triple support.

I found:

that does not make any reference to loading from a URL and hence any 
change to mimetypes would not be visible, and the threatened formal 
objection appears ill-founded

It does also contain:
To load an N-Triple file with a character set different from the 
default, specify the JVM property |-Dcharset=<charsetName>|. For 
example, |-Dcharset="UTF-8"| will recognize UTF-8 encoding. However, for 
UTF-8 characters to be stored properly in the N-Triple file, the Oracle 
database must be configured to use a corresponding universal character 
set, such as AL32UTF8.

which seems to suggest that Oracle's older software does already support 
UTF-8 and the arguments made to the WG in 08-31-11 to continue to permit 
NTriples ascii were perhaps ill-thought out and that the impact on 
Oracle and Oracle customers of moving to UTF-8 only for N-Triples would 
be slight.

A further piece of documentation that seemed relevant was


At first blush this is more worrying from a backward compatibility point 
of view since the data is passed to the prepareBulk method as an input 
stream (i.e. bytes) rather than as decoded chars

         is,                    // input stream
         "http://example.com",  // base URI
         "RDF/XML",             // data file type: can be RDF/XML, N-TRIPLE, etc.
         "SEMTS",               // tablespace
         null,                  // flags
         null,                  // listener
         null                   // staging table name.

However, judging from the data file type I assume this is going through 
the Jena RDFReader interface, and the default implementation of the 
N-Triples reader has the following code:

      public void read(Model model, InputStream in, String base)
         // N-Triples must be in ASCII, we permit UTF-8.
         read(model, FileUtils.asUTF8(in), base);

i.e. again UTF-8 N-Triples data, when loaded following Oracle's 
documented procedure, will already work!!

So I am curious as to the actual basis for Oracle's dogmatic objection 
to any change to N-Triples, as opposed to any change that demonstrably 
negatively impacts their customers


Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2012 19:19:34 UTC