Re: [TURTLE] Turtle Inverse Properties

On 8/20/12 8:43 AM, Steve Harris wrote:
> Just because I don't write Turtle by hand very often doesn't mean other people shouldn't.
> Though, to be honest I think we (RDF users) either are past that point, or should be. Writing HTML by hand went out of fashion rather quickly when the web took off, but it was critical to getting it there. IMHO.
> - Steve

We have to teach RDF by encouraging folks to craft Turtle by hand, as a 
first step. Making triples visible is the key to this endeavor. 
Historically, as exemplified by RDF/XML, losing the triple in syntax 
ultimately loses the plot. IMHO., HTML with RDFa or Micordata embeded 
don't address this fundamental issue, neither does JSON-LD (which is for 
JS developers).

The value of TimBL's point is best appreciated once there's acceptance 
of the notion that folks (profile: end-user and/or integrator / tech 
plumber) will ultimately start the Linked Data journey by crafting 
Turtle by hand.

Unlike HTML, crafting Turtle by hand is both useful and extremely 



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