Proposed resolution for ISSUE 71 Language-typed literals

ISSUE-71: Reconcile various forms of string literals (time permitting)

W.r.t the representation of language-typed literals I took an action to propose the following resolution: 

"Lexical form is "foo", datatype is rdf:TaggedLiteral. The abstract syntax has a lexical form and language tag (like in RDF 2004). The value is assigned directly (like in RDF 2004), bypassing the datatype. The datatype has an empty lexical space and empty L2V mapping.
(Option 2d from the WG Poll [1])

Rationale: (from telecon discussion on 14 sep 2011 [2[)
- only option with sufficient consensus
- mark as provisional/at risk in documents


Received on Thursday, 13 October 2011 10:58:44 UTC