Re: first cut at proposing closure for the RDFCore legacy issue list

> rdf-plain-and-xml-literals: An XML literal without markup, e.g. "foo"
> should denote the same thing as the plain literal "foo".
> RESOLVE: Close (duplicate) - currently under discussion in RDF WG>

The RDF semantics indicate that the value space of rdf:XMLLiteral is
disjoint from the set of Unicode strings. 

>From RDF Concepts:

The value space is a set of entities, called XML values, which is:
* disjoint from the lexical space;
* disjoint from the value space of any XML schema datatype [XML-SCHEMA2];
* disjoint from the set of Unicode character strings [UNICODE] strings;
* and in 1:1 correspondence with the lexical space.


RESOLVE: Close as NO!!!

I don't know why the last WG decided to punt here.


Received on Thursday, 14 April 2011 14:49:47 UTC