Re: RDF-ISSUE-5 (Graph Literals) nesting and belief

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] it seems to me that you are in fact talking about two different things here:
] * "graphs as a first-class datatype in RDF" sounds to me like you want
] to name g-snaps (and your subsequent examples as well)
] * "where do those triples come from" sounds like you want to name
] g-boxes (provenance)

s/name/refer to/ throughout.

I don't think provenance is only concerned with g-boxes, though a
g-snap might inherit provenance information from its g-box at the time
it is obtained/dereferenced.

The relationship between g-box and g-snap is one of indirection. A
g-box is like a pointer, a g-snap is like the value. In some cases
things that can be said about a pointer can be said about the value in
other cases not. This kind of distinction is treated in different ways
by different programming languages and most of the modern ones tend to
hide the distinction from the user/programmer. In general for a
compiler writer it is important to keep these things straight, but for
a programmer in these languages they don't have to pay attention to
this - am I taking the analogy too far?

I'll agree that I am primarily interested in things that can be said
about g-snaps, but indirecting them through a g-box doesn't bother me,
except that by talking about the pointer, the value may change out
from under us so the user/writer/programmer needs to be aware of this.


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