Does Qurtle support empty graphs?

While working on SPARQL Update, the SPARQL WG last year tackled the 
distinction between "quad stores" and "graph stores" with respect to 
support for the concept of an "empty graph". (In general, a quad store 
has no such concept whereas a graph store does.)

I'd like to mention this as an issue that the Qurtle work will need to 
consider: does the serialization provide a way to serialize an empty graph?

As far as I know, TriG _does_ support this:

ex:g1 { }

...and that's exactly what I'd be in favor of seeing, myself, but I just 
wanted to mention it. Something like N-Quads would not be able to 
serialize this, I imagine.


Received on Monday, 4 April 2011 20:56:46 UTC