Re: ISSUE-19: Should TURTLE allow triples like "[ :p 123 ]." as SPARQL does ?

* [2011-04-04 11:45:50 -0400] Sandro Hawke <> écrit:

] One way to do what you're suggesting in Turtle would be:
]         ex:John eg:loves [ = ex:Mary; ex:hates ex:John ];
] (where = would be defined as somewhat like owl:sameAs, but handled by
] the parser.)   I think N3 has this, but I'm not sure where.

I think that = actually is owl:sameAs in N3.

This is exactly the approach that we took in Bibliographica
because our source data from the British Library was entirely
blank nodes with no URIs anywhere. It turns out to be very
compute intensive and cumbersome to deal with data shaped
like this and we are about to start going over the data to
start materialising triples with the URI subject and removing
the blank nodes...


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