SPARQL* evaluation semantics and RDF* semantics

Dear all,

in the discussions about RDF* semantics, I have made an assumption which 
I want to check with the community before going further.

I assume that we want the SPARQL* evaluation semantics and the RDF* 
model-theoretic semantics to be aligned, i.e. consistent with each other.

In other words, given two RDF* graphs G1 and G2,
whenever the MT semantics says that G1 entails G2,
any SPARQL* compliant system containing G1 should return true on the 
query "ASK { ... }" where "..." is a SPARQL* representation of G2.

FTR: this is currently the case for RDF simple entailment and SPARQL.

What's your position about that?

Received on Monday, 25 January 2021 10:15:38 UTC