Re: From syntactic to interpreted triple

> On 2021-01-21, at 15:35:45, Olaf Hartig <> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> You are raising an interesting point that I was also thinking about recently, 
> and I believe I have a solution.
> ...
> Given this understanding, you may indicate the cases in which you want to use 
> referential transparency on top of a referential opacity semantics by using 
> specific properties that you introduce for this purpose. For instance, you may 
> introduce a property denoted by the URI ex:statedBy and define that 
> referential transparency can be used for nested triples that have this 
> property in their predicate position. This way, related to your example, if 
> you have a nested triple 
> <<:cars :are :bad>> ex:statedBy :Alice 
> you can derive the following triple.
> <<:automobiles :are :bad>> ex:statedBy :Alice 
> So, while the semantics of RDF* adopts referential opacity, you can build on 
> it and define cases in which you want to have referential transparency.

please give, as an example, a sparql query which would accomplish this based on the semantics in the current 

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