Re: OnAgainOffAgain relations - beyond celeb marriage: Org membership

> Until I learn a better name for it that isn't too grandiose, I am calling
> these "on again, off again" relationships, in honour of the celebrity
> marriage/divorce usecase.

In Dutch, there actually is a noun for this: "Knipperlichtrelatie".
Google translate, translates this to "flashing-light relationships"

> Dan
> p.s. another example, not quite notable enough for Wikidata to record:
> I ( have twice been a member of
> (AISB - Society for the Study of
> Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour).  But then I have
> multiple times lived in the U.K., or been in various restaurants; how do we
> scope RDF-Star's applicability? Which of these are reasonable places it
> could be used for time-scoped relationships?

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