Re: RDF-star use cases from Amazon Neptune

As long as we're caring about being able to express and query all 
of reality with our fancy new DBMS models... 

On Dec 3, 2021, at 09:55 AM, Fabio Vitali <> wrote:
> "Being married" is a state, and can only be true or false, but not multiple.

I'm not entirely sure what you meant by "not multiple," but want to be
sure that further work by all parties is not governed by a restriction
of some jurisdictions; that is, one may indeed be married with multiple
spouses, depending on one's beliefs and the laws of one's jurisdiction
of residence.

To be a bit more explicit, the Taylor+Burton scenario covers serial
monogamous marriage.  There are places in the world where husbands,
wives, both, and/or other (allowing for non-polar gender), may be 
multiple within a single marriage.

The possible states of "being married" remain only true or false, 
but the participants therein are not limited to a total of two.

Assumptions and projections of gender (that it is purely polar,
rather than the more and more commonly accepted and understood
gradient range, with many more values than "male" or "female") are
similarly problematic, even though for decades if not centuries,
the generally accepted "truth" has been that a child may only have
two parents, one of each of only two genders.  Today, there are 
many more possibilities that we should be able to handle, starting
but far from finishing with the results of divorce and remarriage.

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