Re: owl:sameAs/referential opacity Re: Can RDFstar be defined as only syntactic sugar on top of RDF (Re: weakness of embedded triples)

Just a quick check:

> On 17. Nov 2020, at 18:11, Pierre-Antoine Champin <> wrote:


>> +
>> Both "modes" used side by side would solve this problem:
>>  << :a :b :c >> :denies :d .
>>  :a :b :c {| :exclaims :e |}
> No, because his concrete syntax would produce exactly the same abstract syntax as your previous example -- at least in my understanding, but I trust that Olaf would agree (see
> From the very beginning, embedded triples in RDF* are totally identified by their subject+predicate+object, there is now way to distinguish different mentions (tokens) of the same triple.

You mean
>>  :a :b :c {| :d :e |}
is meant to annotate all triple tokens of type
 :a :b :c .
everywhere, anywhere?

> As I understand, this was a deliberate design choice.

And with what rationale?


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