Re: Service or repository of SHACL rules available? (like LOV or


I asked Sandro the same question last week. 

SHACL CG mailing list was created very recently - when the CG was created. It is the new place to communicate with the SHACL community. When <> was originally created, it was seemingly defined with a broader scope in mind. I find this situation somewhat confusing. Nevertheless, I assume that over time all discussions would migrate to the SHACL CG list. In the meantime, copying both lists is probably the right idea.

If there are people on the <> who have not yet joined the CG, I would strongly encourage that they do so.


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> On Jul 3, 2017, at 11:59 AM, Konrad Abicht <> wrote:
> I thought <> is the way to go to communicate with the SHACL community. To reach SHACL CG i also sent this mail to <>.

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