Re: Review of SHACL document (2)

On 02/21/2017 02:56 AM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
>> First one has to guess that there is a relation between 
>> ex:LanguageConstraintComponentUsingSELECT
>> and ex:LanguageExampleShape because the former uses sh:parameter 
>> [sh:path ex:lang] and the latter uses sh:property [ex:lang "de"].
>> This is not very explicit.
> Do you have specific suggestions on how to make this clearer?
- a sh:Shape S that specifies sh:property [sh:path Path ; Predicate 
Object]   where Predicate is not a SHACL property (e.g. sh:property 
[sh:path ex:germanLabel ; ex:lang "en"]) and
- a  sh:ConstraintComponent C, with a SPARQL validator, that specifies 
sh:parameter [sh:path Predicate] (e.g. sh:parameter [sh:path ex:lang])
then C is used to validate value nodes of S with $PATH variable of 
SPARQL validator substituted with Path (e.g. ex:germanLabel) and the 
variable corresponding to Predicate (e.g. $lang corresponding to 
ex:lang) pre-bound with Object (e.g. "en").


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