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on definition and declaration

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider <pfpschneider@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2016 23:45:52 -0700
To: "public-rdf-shapes@w3.org" <public-rdf-shapes@w3.org>
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"Constraints are defined within a shape"

"Defined within" is not defined.

"Constraints that declare more than one parameters, such as sh:pattern, are
not allowed to be declared more than once in the same constraint."

The first two uses of "declare" come from section 6.2.  A core definition is

The last use of "declared" is not defined.

"declare" is used for many different purposes, most of them undefined.

Peter F. Patel-Schneider
Nuance Communications
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