shapes as i see them

  I've been trying to follow the vast number of correspondence in this
mailing list with minimal success, but I wanted to at least express how I
see myself using shapes. I imagined that I would first select the data of
interest, and secondly, check whether my constraints are violated.  In the
example below, I use my own syntax to select those instances of foaf:Person
that have a homepage and check whether they have exactly 1 foaf:mbox

  :select [
      rdf:type foaf:Person;
      foaf:homepage xsd:anyURI .
  :constraint [
      :property foaf:mbox;
      :value xsd:anyURI;
      :exactly 1

to what degree have you discussed having such flexibility on the selector?


Michel Dumontier
Associate Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics), Stanford
Chair, W3C Semantic Web for Health Care and the Life Sciences Interest Group

Received on Thursday, 12 February 2015 00:32:48 UTC