Re: SKOS concept scheme URIs as values for constraints

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On Aug 10, 2015 4:48 AM, "Phil Archer" <> wrote:
> It's true that concept schemes, and RDF in general, are produced
inconsistently. The concept scheme at
>, for
example, does include skos:inScheme links but there's no guarantee that
such properties will be included.

If the property isn't there, and you are using closed world semantics, then
the skos:Concept is not in the skos:ConceptScheme, just like an instance is
not a member of class if it is not entailed before the world is closed.

> This use case is trivial to express in one line of *readable* OWL, and
trivial to validate (it only needs OWL-EL, and so it's in p-time,  and
probably sub-linear).

> If every use case similar to this one requires writing complex custom
scripts,  then the only relevant shape is pear.


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