Re: Readability in the face of complexity and internationalisation of human friendly syntaxes for constraints and documentation

On 8/7/2014 8:37, Jerven Bolleman wrote:
> Hi All,
> This is just food for thought to be considered by the WG when it forms.
> The key ideas are:
>   * complexity needs to be managed not ignored.

I fully agree. Another point that a short syntax such as ShExC 
completely lacks is that if you want to properly publish a "schema" then 
you also need a way to define the properties and classes that are used, 
together with their rdfs:labels, rdfs:comments, relationships etc. These 
are attached to the properties globally, and already exist in triple 
format. Developers would end up using a Turtle/JSON-LD file for one part 
of their schema, and then a custom syntax just for the constraints? And 
then this custom syntax is only covering the hand-picked selection of 
commonly used constraints, but for other ones you need to again fall 
back to RDF syntaxes. Why even bother?


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