Re: Validation and cool URIs

On 8/6/14, 11:00 PM, Arthur Ryman wrote:
> The above use cases are orthogonal to use cases where an RDF class defines
> constraints that must be universally obeyed, independent of the context,
> i.e. a bicycle must have two wheels.
Yes, that's what I thought. We have seen many more examples of the 
latter than the former, and I believe the structure of existing ontology 
languages suggests that it should be possible to "attach" constraints to 
classes. I personally believe your use case is the exception, not the 
rule, but of course I would like to see a generic solution that covers 
all use cases so that the standardization process succeeds.

I believe the most pragmatic way forward will be to generalize SPIN so 
that constraint definitions can be hosted by a "Shape" object, and that 
no rdf:type triple is required to trigger evaluation. I am confident 
that we can come up with a reasonable design for that use case, and the 
syntax will probably be almost identical. I am however still hoping to 
get away with the minimum necessary language for the job, and keep it 
simple and intuitive. But we can defer this to the WG.


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