Re: Wondering about an example of closed world validation

> Sure there are lots of ways of proceeding.  You may believe that
> without-reasoning is better.  I may believe that with-reasoning is better.
> However, ShEx and Resource Shapes appear to only allow without-reasoning,
> which I think is completely broken.

That is not true, ShEx and Resource Shapes work independently of reasoning.
As I said in another thread, they can be used in combination with a

It is similar to SPARQL, you would not say that SPARQL only allows
without-reasoning, it is just independent of reasoning, which means that
you can do SPARQL with or without a reasoner.

In fact, the lightweight nature of ShEx means that it can be used before
and after reasoning: before reasoning to check if you have the triples that
you expect and after, to check if the reasoner added the triples that you

Best regards, Jose Labra

Received on Friday, 1 August 2014 05:33:26 UTC