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Happy to!

Basically, what you need to remember is that XHTML+RDFa is an XML 
dialect, so the document first and foremost needs to be xml well 
formed.  In particular this means that elements with EMPTY content 
models (like img) need to be terminated, attribute values need to have 
values and those values need to be quoted, ampersands that are literal 
ampersands need to be expressed as an entity.  So... for example, 
embedded URLs need to have ampersands changed to &.  img elements 
need to have '/>' at their end. 

You can see the complete set of errors for that page at

Some of the errors are not really a big deal - parsers don't care about 
validation per se.  But they do care about well-formedness so it is 
important the document be well formed.

Does this help?  Or do you need some more specific suggestions?

Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> Shane McCarron wrote:
>> I agree that this is great news.  However, when I went and LOOKED at 
>> the page we use in our examples, 
>> , I see that it is invalid in 
>> a number of respects.  It is unfortunate that dbpedia is at the mercy 
>> of the resources they troll.  The markup ends up being hard to 
>> manage, I suspect.
>> I was forced to put my parser into "html" mode to get it to swallow 
>> that page:
> Shane,
> Just provide feedback and we'll have it fixed. I am aware of some the 
> issue above.
> We are in a continuum, nothing is static etc..
> Just provide feedback :-)
> Kingsley
>> Ivan Herman wrote:
>>> FYI
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>>> All,
>>> Quick FYI.
>>> All DBpedia pages now include RDFa. Thus, re. the DBpedia Linked Data
>>> Space, you now have HTML+RDFa as a structured metadata representation
>>> alternative to N3, Turtle, RDF/XML, and RDF/JSON (*new*).

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