Re: XMLLiterals and c14n

Ivan, Philip,

I had an action to follow up on this issue, but looking at this thread
I'm a little bit confused.

> The bottomline is that you are right. Neither N3/Turtle nor SPARQL
> includes any automatic canonicalization of XML Literals (in contrast to
> RDF/XML), nor will the new version of SPARQL do it.

So, this is a bit disconcerting. As I mentioned on the call, does RDFa
need to worry about float canonicalization, too? Does SPARQL consider
"2.0"^^xsd:float different from "2.00"^^xsd:float?

If SPARQL indeed considers these to be different and effectively only
does string comparisons, then what is the point of datatyping?

And if SPARQL *does* canonicalize floats, then why wouldn't it also
canonicalize XMLLiterals?

My action was to express the sentiment that this is not part of the RDFa
scope: we're just parsing a syntax and creating and RDF graph with typed
values. I still think that's the case.



Received on Wednesday, 16 September 2009 22:05:43 UTC