HTML+RDFa (3.1 Document Conformance)


I see a problem with the version indication in the
HTML+RDFa draft.
It notes for the XML variant of the HTML5 version
a value 'XHTML+RDFa 1.0'

The same value is already used in 'RDFa in XHTML: Syntax and Processing'
to indicate, that it is a superset of XHTML1.1

I think, it would be more consistent to use
something like 'HTML5+RDFa1.0' as a value
for the HTML5 superset to avoid confusion, because
the semantics, content models and element and attribute
collection of HTML5 are different (and partly incompatible) from
XHTML1.1 and none of them is a superset of the other,
therefore another version indication for the HTML5 variant
seems to be essential to be able to distinguish.

By the way, 2.1 explains, that the document structure
can be changed. Maybe it could be useful to add a
note for authors, that they can avoid this, if they note
implied elements and other HTML artefacts explicitly
to ensure, that such a modification does not change
their intents...


Received on Wednesday, 16 September 2009 13:24:29 UTC