Addition to XHTML+RDFa errata document (URI mappings)


Here's an issue[1] I came across while working on the HTML+RDFa
document. XHTML+RDFa Syntax spec, Section 5.5, Step #2:

"Next the [current element] is parsed for [URI mapping]s... Mappings are
provided by @xmlns. The value to be mapped is set by the XML namespace
prefix, and the value to map is the value of the attribute—a URI."

Technically, mappings are not provided by @xmlns (the "xmlns"
attribute), they are provided by processing attributes starting with the
XML namespace prefix "xmlns:". We should reword "Mappings are provided
by @xmlns." to be more precise.

Let me know if this isn't enough information for you to draft proper
errata text to address the issue.

-- manu


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Received on Wednesday, 16 September 2009 01:21:56 UTC