Re: Errata text for RDFa Syntax section 5.5 step 2

Oops, sorry! I misunderstood. I thought you were proposing a replacement
text for the RDFa Syntax document, ie, that is what I was looking for.

As I said, I don't disagree with anything you write...


Shane McCarron wrote:
> Ivan Herman wrote:
>> Shane, just to avoid misunderstandings: can you give want exactly the
>> new text would be? It is not 100% clear from your mail (not that I
>> disagree with anything you say:-)
> Ummm... huh?  The text in my mail below is EXACTLY what I want the
> errata document to say.  I am not, at this time, proposing any new
> wording for some future RDFa Syntax revision.
>> Ivan
>> Shane McCarron wrote:
>>> I indicated at the end of the call today I would draft some errata text
>>> to tighten the spec with regard to what portions of the Namespaces in
>>> XML Recommendation are relevant to RDFa Syntax. Here is my proposed
>>> text:
>>> Section 5.5 step 2 - The text of step 2 reads in part
>>> "Mappings are provided by @xmlns. The value to be mapped is set by
>>> the XML namespace prefix, and the value to map is the value of the
>>> attribute—a URI. Note that the URI is not processed in any way; in
>>> particular if it is a relative path it is not resolved against the
>>> current [base]. Authors are advised to follow best practice for
>>> using namespaces, which includes not using relative paths." The
>>> real meaning if this is only clear in the context of Section
>>> 5.4.1. Scoping of Prefix Mappings, which normatively includes the
>>> syntax processing rules of the Namespaces in XML Recommendation.
>>> For the avoidance of doubt, it should be understood that it is
>>> ONLY the syntax processing rules of Namespaces in XML that are
>>> relevant to this Recommendation. Those rules define the legal
>>> syntax for attributes beginning with the sequence 'xmlns:'.
>>> Conforming RDFa Processors MUST evaluate the definition of URI
>>> mappings in a manner consistent with those rules.
>>> Further, the beginning of text cited above should be read as
>>> "Mappings are provided via the PrefixedAttName production as
>>> defined in [XMLNS]."
>>> Comments?


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