Re: Agenda Topic / Issue: Clarify the meaning of "ignore" with respect to attributes that have no legal value

Op 8-9-2009 10:28, Shane McCarron schreef:
> So, for example,
> <a rel="blah:blah" href="file.html">something</a>
> Would never generate triple, because the prefix "blah" is not defined, 
> so the system MUST act as if there was no @rel at all.

Hm, so just to be clear:

<a rel="blah:blah foo:bar" href="file.html">something</a>

Would not generate a triple, but:

<a rel="blah:blah foo:bar" href="file.html" 


<a rel="blah:blah bar" href="file.html">something</a>



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