Errata text for RDFa Syntax section 5.5 step 2

I indicated at the end of the call today I would draft some errata text 
to tighten the spec with regard to what portions of the Namespaces in 
XML Recommendation are relevant to RDFa Syntax. Here is my proposed text:

Section 5.5 step 2 - The text of step 2 reads in part
"Mappings are provided by @xmlns. The value to be mapped is set by
the XML namespace prefix, and the value to map is the value of the
attribute—a URI. Note that the URI is not processed in any way; in
particular if it is a relative path it is not resolved against the
current [base]. Authors are advised to follow best practice for
using namespaces, which includes not using relative paths." The
real meaning if this is only clear in the context of Section
5.4.1. Scoping of Prefix Mappings, which normatively includes the
syntax processing rules of the Namespaces in XML Recommendation.

For the avoidance of doubt, it should be understood that it is
ONLY the syntax processing rules of Namespaces in XML that are
relevant to this Recommendation. Those rules define the legal
syntax for attributes beginning with the sequence 'xmlns:'.
Conforming RDFa Processors MUST evaluate the definition of URI
mappings in a manner consistent with those rules.

Further, the beginning of text cited above should be read as
"Mappings are provided via the PrefixedAttName production as
defined in [XMLNS]."


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