HTML+RDFa (2nd draft)

The second draft of the HTML+RDFa FPWD document has been released,
addressing points of concern raised by Maciej, Smylers, Jonas, Leif,
Henri and Anne's reviews of the HTML+RDFa draft.

21 issues have been addressed, 15 issues remain. The issue tracker for
the HTML+RDFa FPWD document has been updated:

The most recent HTML+RDFa draft can be found here:

A diff-marked version of all of the changes from the last document that
was released can be found here:

The major remaining issues are:

* More exacting specification language for the xmlns: attribute (13
  of the remaining 15 issues have to do with "xmlns:").
* More explicit references from each section in the HTML+RDFa draft to
  the XHTML draft.
* Ensuring the spec language exists to make RDFa syntax legal in
  text/html documents.
* The few untracked issues I missed when scanning through all of the
  review e-mails and listserv conversations. I'll make a second pass
  through all of the e-mails in order to pick up on anything I missed
  the first time through.

If one of your issues is marked as ADDRESSED and has not been addressed
to your satisfaction, please either change the wiki or note your
objection to the change via the mailing list. If one of your issues is
not tracked via the wiki page, add it as an issue to the wiki page or
note your issue via the mailing list.

Any HTML WG member may checkout the source, build the HTML+RDFa
specification, and submit patches to the specification via github:

-- manu

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