Re: xhtml markup such as <strong> and <em> in RDFa values


If you want RDFa parsers to ignore the tags when parsing the value,
add datatype="" to the element with the @property attribute.  This
tells the parser not to include the markup in the value of the

 <h2 class="title" property="dc:title" datatype="">Plain

Like you say, you can also put the value in a @content attribute.

This is the same no matter what predicate is used - dc:title ,
rdfs:label , foaf:name -  RDFa is vocabulary agnostic.

See section  XML Literals

Hope that helps?


On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 10:54 AM, Benjamin Melanšon<> wrote:
> If our title is <h2 class="title">Plain <em><strong>text</strong></em></h2>
> should we create a content="Plain text" when, for instance, marking it
> up as property="dc:title"?
> Does the answer change for different properties?
> Or large chunks of text that could include images and other media entities?
> Thank you very much for fielding this question from the Drupal community,
> áben
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