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Hi Philip,

On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Philip Taylor<> wrote:
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> To make these kinds of bugs easy to identify and to avoid, I believe the
> HTML5+RDFa draft really needs to define the prefix mapping extraction
> algorithm in precise detail. Referring to the Namespaces in XML spec is
> insufficient, because it's not clear how Namespaces in XML should be applied
> to non-XML content, so HTML5+RDFa needs to make it clear itself.

Yes, definitely.

Whilst I've not agreed with all of the points being made, it has
certainly become clear in this discussion that this whole area needs a
great deal more precision in any spec.

That's not just in HTML5+RDFa, but also in any future version of RDFa.

In fact, I'm even wondering whether the TF might want to consider an
errata on this.



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