Re: FPWD Review Request: HTML+RDFa

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>> And I cannot use SVG elements that are namespace qualified and in the 
>> non-default namespace (e.g. xmlns:svg="...")
> Correct.
>> And if I omit the xmlns="..." it is still valid and meaningful 
>> because the parser magically knows it is an SVG element?
> Yes.

Thanks.  Okay, now for the obvious question.  How does the system deal 
with conflicts between SVG element names and HTML element names (e.g., 
there is an 'a' element in SVG and an 'a' element in HTML)?  In the 
future when SVG evolves and new elements are added, how will parsers 
know that the elements are from SVG as opposed from HTML or just 
gibberish?  If there is HTML content embedded in an SVG block, how does 
the system know that?  I assume the answer is "the parser deals with 
it", but doesn't this seem needlessly brittle to anyone else?

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