Re: FPWD Review Request: HTML+RDFa

Sam Ruby wrote:
> As currently defined, section 9.3 defines 6 known namespaces.  What 
> namespace a given element or attribute is assigned to is defined by 
> the parser.  xmlns attributes have no bearing on this mapping.  
> However, section indicates that xmlns (no colon, i.e., default 
> namespace) attributes may be used on elements, but such usage is only 
> conformant if the value of the xmlns attribute exactly matches the 
> namespace that the parser assigns to the element.
Errr... ok.  So if I am writing an HTML5 document that incorporates SVG, 
I would embed an SVG element and indicate it's namespace ONLY if I were 
defining the new default namespace?  And I cannot use SVG elements that 
are namespace qualified and in the non-default namespace (e.g. 
xmlns:svg="...").  And if I omit the xmlns="..." it is still valid and 
meaningful because the parser magically knows it is an SVG element?

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