Errata for RDFa Section 5.5 Processing Rules

Maciej Stachowiak caught this errata item. It applies to step #2 in
Section 5.5 of the Processing Rules:

> Maciej wrote:
> Also, reading over this, it seems like the processing rule is wrong
> even
> for RDFa in XML! The attribute named "xmlns" does not establish any
> namespace prefix binding, it just gives the default namespace URI.
> Rather than @xmlns, the spec surely meant to say something like
> "Mappings are provided by XML namespace declarations - attributes that
> have the xmlns namespace prefix". Second, the part of the attribute
> that
> should define the prefix binding is the local name, not the XML
> namespace prefix - the XML namespace prefix for all non-default
> namespace decarations is the string "xmlns", and for the literal
> attribute name "xmlns" the namespace prefix is the empty string. It
> seems to me this needs to be errata'd, because the spec taken
> literally
> is surely incompatible with what all real RDFa processors do.

-- manu

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Received on Wednesday, 2 September 2009 17:16:12 UTC