Re: Review comments on HTML+RDFa (was Re: FPWD Review Request: HTML+RDFa)

Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
> The HTML+RDFa profile points to the XHTML Vocabulary document [1], which
> defines link types whose semantics contradicts the semantics currently
> in the HTML 5 draft - see Bug 7475. [2]

Right. This needs to be resolved.

> (*) You probably want to update the HTML5+RDFa draft with *more* points
> that needs to change in HTML 5. Namely, you should add that HTML 5 needs
> to change to support the XHTML Vocab profile[1].
> (*) Either that, or you should be clearer about the effect of adding the
> profile link - including the effect of not linking to it.

We'll discuss both options. I've noted your comments here:

-- manu

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