Re: Telecon Agenda, Thursday 24 April 2008, 1500 UTC

Hi Manu,

Sorry for the short notice, but I also won't be able to make it. I've
included some thoughts here, though, in case you need to vote on
anything. (I realise that my absence last week held up moving the
Primer on, because you wanted to have a vote.)

>  2) ISSUE-114: RDFa for dynamic content?

Ralph's proposed response is fine by me, and I agree with Ben's
comments. However, not that it really changes anything, but I have
actually spent a lot of time on this. (The only thing that changes is
the response to the question "have you thought of...".) As Ben says,
it's not very difficult to parse sub-sets of the main document, and
indeed the algorithm is carefully constructed such that you could
start at any point in a DOM tree; the tricky bit (in my view) is
differentiating between triples that you already have, triples that
used to be there and have now gone, and so on.

Anyway, work continues. :)

>  3) ISSUE-116: Safe CURIEs using "curie:dc:creator"?

I think it's a bit late in the day for this, and I think "the
controversy" that Ben refers to :) is not quite what it was.

Also, there is a major rationale behind being QName-like.

>  4) ISSUE-11: RDFa Primer document
>    (we should close this - it is no longer applicable)

As Ben said, I added my vote to going forward with this, and I
apologise for not being around last week to do that.

>  5) ISSUE-43: Primer should link to the URIs of the assumed namespaces
>    (we should close this - it is no longer applicable)


>  6) ISSUE-113: clarify situation around document fragments containing RDFa

Agree with Ben.



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